ENAAT documents on arms exports and intra-EU arms trade

ENAAT Position Paper: Impact of the Transfer Directive on the transparency and efficiency of the arms export control (15.07.2016) – English

Press Release on the EU 17th Report on Arms export control (04.05.2016) – Englishfrançais

ENAAT call for an EU arms embargo against Saudi Arabia (05.02.2016) – English


ENAAT documents on military research and arms industry lobbying

Stop Wapenhandel factsheet European money for the arms industry (05.2017) English

Factsheet 1: Why the Preparatory Action on Defence Research will not help improve European Defence Capabilities (13.10.2016) – English

Factsheet 2: Why the Preparatory Action on Defence Research is a waste of EU public money and a form of subsidy to the arms industry (13.10.2016) – English

Factsheet 3: Why the Preparatory Action on Defence Research is a blank cheque to the profit of national arms industry, not of EU interests (13.10.2016) – English

Factsheet 4: Alternative spending to the PA on Defence Research can also save growth and jobs and better promote peace (13.10.2016) – English

ENAAT Position paper on the PADR: Why the EU should not subsidize military research (30.08.3016) – English


Useful links to other civil society groups

Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU)

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)

Global Campaign on Military Spending

Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP)

I stop the arms trade.eu

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)


Useful links from the European Union

European Commission – Preparatory Action on Defence Research

European Commission – European Defence Industrial Policy

European External Action Service – arms exports control

European External Action Service – EU Security and Defence Package

European Defence Agency – “How to access to EU funding” page

European Defence Agency – “EU funding opportunities” for the arms industry

European Parliament – Security and Defence subcommittee

European Parliament – 2015 Report on arms export and implementation of the EU Common Position